48 Hours in Vegas - 4 Friends, 2 Parties and 1 Wedding!

By Talv on 4th May 2016

When PJ and Kial told us they were taking only two friends across the atlantic ocean and getting married in Vegas we just knew we had to be a part of their wedding!

We landed in Vegas and headed straight for the venue. Getting off of a 12 hour flight one might think we’d be a little groggy – not us we'd never been so hyped up and ready to shoot! How can you not be when you’re in the city of lights – the one and only Las Vegas!

Las Vegas Wedding Sign

We arrived at the wedding venue and had to take a moment to absorb our surroundings, the neon lights, the buzz of people, you could feel the electricity in the air. It couldn’t be a more perfect setting to this Vegas wedding – everything around us screamed young, free and in love, I hadn’t been so excited to shoot a wedding!

Groom and best man

We found Kial and his best man Alex looking all cool, calm and collected while they waited for PJ to arrive. They had definitely bought it with their classy London look - they’d give Tom Ford a run for his money!

We were impressed usually theres a few nerves even for the manliest of men but Kial was cool as a cucumber – relaxed, smiling albeit occasionally checking his watch as he counted down to the most important moment of his life.

PJ behind Kial

We got the call – they were 5 minutes away, the excitement was unbearable I just wanted to this first look to happen already. Its my favourite part of any wedding but I knew this one would be special. Kial was stood waiting for the love of his life to arrive I could see the mix of emotions flash across his face, the nerves, excitement, elation… and then there she was standing behind him..

Bride first look

Kial slowly turned around - it was if time had stopped you could feel the love embracing them. They stood staring in to each others eyes falling deeper in love than they have ever been, the buzz of the city muted it was as if nothing could come between them – until a party bus drove past wishing them luck and just like that the moment was over.

Groom first look

This had been our first Vegas wedding and we were not disappointed – it was epic. As PJ entered the outdoor garden through an archway of flowers she radiated beauty. It looked like something out of a disney movie, I couldn’t believe we were actually witnessing this.

Bride entrance

The ceremony that followed was quite possibly the most intimate wedding we’ve had the pleasure of capturing.

Las vegas wedding Ceremony

They said their vows,

Wedding Vows

Placed the rings on each others fingers

Wedding rings

Then both turned to pick up their taper candles and light the unity candle. This symbolises the union of two individuals, becoming one in commitment as they embark on this new journey as man and wife.

Finally they sealed the ceremony with a kiss and boy did sparks fly…

First kiss

The great thing about a wedding in Vegas besides the amazing ceremony are the backdrops its the city of lights in the desert which is surrounded by mountains. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do a post wedding shoot with PJ and Kial in the Valley of Fire.

After a night of partying we woke up with a slightly sore head one might add and drove south for an hour to the Valley of Fire. I don’t think we really need to explain why its called the Valley of fire – it felt like we were shooting on Mars!

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your magical wedding PJ & Kial, it was amazing and we wish you nothing but happiness for the journey ahead.

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