Johnny & Caroline Fairytale Wedding - Amberley Castle West Sussex

By Sukh on 1st November 2015

Who would have thought an impromptu singles night at a friends would have led to a fairytale wedding in a castle?

Wedding Venue Amberley Castle West Sussex

Despite Johnny and Caroline going along to appease their friends, they sparked the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

I’m going down to Sussex for the weekend to escape to the country with Johnny.

We would hear stories of how their relationship continued to blossom until one month, the wonderful HR dream team felt there was something brewing. A love that was pure and knew no boundaries, a couple that demonstrated understanding, kindness and passion - Surely, he had to put a ring on it right?

Another weekend,

Sukh I’m going to Sussex, I’ll have no signal so 'man the fort' and I’ll see you on Monday.

On Monday she returned beaming with happiness:

I reluctantly got out of bed and Johnny took me to play poo sticks, I turn around and he’s there on one knee asking for my hand in marriage.

There began the start of the beautiful fairytale..

Truly honoured to be invited to the wedding and naturally could not resist taking the Nikon along with us!

As she walked down the aisle, we had a strategy. Talv would capture the first time Johnny saw his bride to be and I would capture Caroline’s Dad walking her down the aisle.

I saw her looking in nervously, as her bridemaids and flower girls set the path ahead.

Wedding, Church, Castle, bride waiting to enter, nervous

You could feel the emotion as she waited to enter and she took my breath away. I momentarily lost focus whilst I stopped to look at the stunning bride. Quick Sukh, focus I told myself and here’s what followed…

Wedding, Church, Amberley Castle, West Sussex, Dad walks Daughter Bride down the aisle

Wedding Castle, Grooms First Look

Wedding Church Confetti

Wedding Reception, confetti Bridesmaids

Wedding Reception, Detail Shot, Table Layout, Ultra wide

Wedding Recetion, Bride Groom First Dance

Wedding Reception, Bride Groom First Dance

The wonderfully caring couple had laid out a happy 1 year wedding anniversary card and a non alcoholic pop, a small gesture to some but one that truly signifies the kind and thoughtful nature of these two beautiful people.

Wedding Reception, Dancing games, bride

Father of the bride, bokeh, wedding reception

bride, grrom, kiss, wedding reception

Here’s hoping that your love for each other continues to grow from strength to strength and you walk through life together…

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