A Parisian Adventure...

By Manpreet on 18th May 2016

What do you do when you only have 24 hours in Paris for an eShoot?! You don’t waste a second, you rise to the challenge and absolutely smash it! That’s what!

And that is exactly what we did with Amit and Khush.

We landed in Paris on Friday evening just before sunset – the golden hour within our grasp. Marching Khush and Amit straight to the hotel for outfit change number one. There was no time to waste!

Inception bridge engagement photo

Getting in to the swing of things and just our luck and the weather starts to change – rain!

Ponts des arts engagement photo, black and white

Not that, that stopped Amit and Khush. Amit grabbed Khush’s hand and began to spin her around in the middle of Paris – the rain getting heavier and heavier as people stopped to stare. It was quite possibly the most perfect moment.

Twirl, engagement picture

After Amit had finished serenading Khush we waited for the rain to ease up while indulging in a little Parisian hot chocolate. This is an absolute must while in Paris, our favourite spot for hot chocolate has to be Angelina – they have the most amazing desserts!

Once the heavens had closed we headed to the The Louvre – and boy were we in for a treat! Visible inside the pyramid was a red incandescent light installation by Claude Lévêque. This only added to the drama of Louvre when photographing it at night and of course helped us get some very unique photos indeed.

the Louvre, paris, engagement silhouette

the Louvre, paris, engagement silhouette

Our last stop of the evening was The Moulin Rouge. The alcohol fuelled buzz of the area and the bright lights gave us all the lift we needed – bearing in mind it was close to 2am at this point.

Moulin Rouge

On an elevated platform in front of the crowds Amit and Khush looked like celebrities pulling out pose after pose. It was as if they were in Vogue Paris.

Moulin Rouge Engagement Photo

Moulin Rouge Engagement Photo

Like I said when you only have 24 hours in Paris you really do need to make the most of every minute and that is why Khush and Amit only got around 2 hours sleep that night. We needed to be at the Eiffel Tower at 5 am to capture a glimpse of those legendary sunrises’ over Paris.

Eiffel Tower, Silhouette, Couple

When we arrived the gods were clearly on our side – not only had the awful weather from the previous evening disappeared, there was not a single soul to be seen!

Although they weren’t the only love birds..

Eiffel Tower Silhoutte, engagement photo, paris

I think its safe to say it was totally worth the early start.

Eiffel Tower, Love

Amit and Khush were in their own little bubble for the remainder of the day

Paris, Bubble, Love

The city of love had got them..

Paris, gate, couple, gaze

Paris streets, walk, stairs, love

Walking between location we came across easily the biggest bubbles anyone’s ever seen before…

Bubble blower, Sac Coeur, Paris

….and in true spirit of making the most of every minute in Paris we had to get a quick shot

Couple, bubble engagement photo

Amit and Khush thank you for choosing us to join you on this amazing 24 hour Parisian adventure. We are so excited to shoot the wedding and wish you nothing but happiness for the journey ahead.

paris, cafe, couple

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