Alex & Diane's London Engagement Session

By Sukh on 18th August 2015

Looking for Swagger

The magic line that lured Alex into a lifetime of love. They met for the first time 15 years ago, Alex being the gentlemen he is, dropped Diane home and drove off into the distance. 11 years later, fate brought them back together and their paths crossed on the popular dating website "Plenty Of Fish".

Diane's profile had her down as a "confident girl looking for swagger", Alex sure of his "swag" pitched this as his last attempt to find love on the dating website. It was make or break time. Liking the look of the profile picture and the funny first sentence, Alex went in with the opening line:

What swagger you looking for?

19th March 2011 - And there sparked the start of two beautiful souls, vivacious, fun, playful and confident. An engagement photographers dream couple!

London Engagement Session Iconic, Westminster, London Bus

London Engagement Session, Topless, Sexy

We’re SO excited to be a part of Alex and Diane’s wedding!! They’re both simply fun, sweet, and amazing! We had the best time during their pre-wedding engagement photography session and my face hurt from laughing so much! We went to London the city of bright lights, colour and diversity (an iconic location that shows their vibrant personalities).

London Engagement Session Colour, Passion, Vibrant

London Engagement Session Colour vibrant, beautiful couple, Shrek

A beautiful couple that would go great lengths for the sake of imagery, they brought in their own words "swag" to the day, with on trend outfits, an implicit level of trust in their photography team and a completely open mind. It allowed us to capture the truest version of themselves.

London Engagement Session, Westminster, Early Morning

London Engagement Session, Love, Baloons, Street Art

London Engagement Session, Love, Caught on camera, Street Art

London Engagement Session, Wedding Ring, Ring shoot

London Engagement Session, Wedding Ring, Ring Shot

Stay tuned because their September wedding should be a blast! :)

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